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The Basics of Item Response Theory

This monograph provides a comprehensive survey of the literature and highlights the major issues and problems. In particular, the rationale underlying IRT models is described and details of the commonly used IRT models, i.e., the one-, two- and three-parameter logistic models, are given. The approaches to parameter estimation are discussed and details of particular parameter estimation methods are given, including the derivations of the relevant likelihood equations.

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Mathematics Grade 12 Vol 1: Functions

This book covers: types of relations and functions and their inverses; the definition of a function; graphs of the inverses of relations and functions; inverses that are functions and inverses that are not; sketching the graphs of inverses of functions.

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Mathematics Grade 12 Vol 2: Number Patterns, Sequences and Series

This book covers: arithmetic sequences; geometric sequences; quadratic sequences; arithmetic series, geometric series.

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Mathematics Grade 12 Vol 3: Finance

This book covers: calculations of compound interest growth, depreciation by reduced balance; future value of an annuity, present value of an annuity; sinking funds and loan calculations.

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Mathematics Grade 12 Vol 4: Algebra

This book covers: exponential equations; quadratic equations using factorisation and the formula; quadratic inequalities; simultaneous eqauations with one linear and one quadratic equation; mathematical modelling as a means to solving problems; the nature of the roots of a quadratic equation; factorising third-degree polynomials using common factors, the factor theorem and the remainder theorem.

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